Water Damage

Water intrusion damages wood, corrodes steel, ruins textiles & causes short circuits. Water can even create fire hazards and serve as a catalyst for microbial growth. A proper and timely restoration plan is critical to ensure minimal damage and loss of property.

Fire & Smoke

As a fire moves through a home it consumes materials and expels hot gas & smoke leaving structures and contents covered in ash, soot, and odors. Items that did not get hot enough to burn or with smoke damage can be salvaged through various processes.

Mold Remediation

For all aspects of professional mold remediation and removal, our highly trained and certified Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians have the professional know-how to identify and remove mold problem areas in your home or business. Get started today!

Proflood Emergency Response for Water Damage, Fire & Smoke Restoration and Mold Remediation

ProFlood emergency restoration services include fire and smoke restoration and clean up, smoke damage clean up, emergency response for water dryout and/or mold remediation for your home or office. ProFlood services Riverside County, San Diego County and South Orange County, including downtown San Diego, north County San  Diego and East County San Diego. In Riverside county, we service downtown Riverside, Corona, Murrieta, Menifee, Hemet, Beaumont and Temecula. We are fast to respond to any of your emergency needs when it comes to fire and smokewater damage a or any kind of mold remediation you need.

Call ProFlood emergeny services at (951) 900-0776 for immediate response to your emergency clean up.

ProFlood of Temecula has quick and rapid response times to crucial needs such as Water damage,  fire and smoke clean up and mold remediation. Your priority is our top priority and with the professional team responding to your emergency needs with the proper equipment and training, clean up, restoration and remediation is fast and responsible. When your home or office is in need of clean up or restoration from fire, smoke, water or mold, ProFlood is there for you with the expertise and equipment  to properly restore your home or office back to its original state or better. If you are an association or property management company, we will make the clean up process and  restoration process quick and easy for you. Our work is completed by our  expert technicians who will certify their work. This will ensure that your property  has been properly restored and is thoroughly clean.  Not only that, we will work with your insurance company to ensure that your claim is properly filed and your reimbursement is fullfilled by your insurance company to cover all the damage, restoration and clean up process.